Dealing with Uncertainty

Uncertainty is always a surprise on the way

In life journey, we go through various stages, the problem of life and the situations we encounter are also dynamic. Which will continue to change and become new. We will then be faced with various uncertainties.

Uncertainty is always a surprise on the way, it can be a happy thing or vice versa. Sometimes it is tinged with fear without us knowing why. Well, it can be difficult, when what we see everything seems uncertain, we get confused as to how to deal with it.

We can indeed arrange plans in such a way, but there are some things that we cannot manage and that are beyond our control. This is what makes us have to come to terms with uncertainty to be more powerful on the way.

Coming to terms with uncertainty is about how we adapt and keep growing. Dare to start, dare to keep going, dare to take risks and stay focused until we get to what we are aiming for.

There is always a first step to how to get to the finish line, there are always new things to make us able to get used to it. We may not know if our steps will work or not, but at least we have already started and rest assured that when we have walked with the next steps it is not as scary as when everything seems uncertain.

To achieve the goal, we sometimes have to dare to take some risks, start a new career, a new business, move to a new city, meet new people, live a new life.

Everything seems difficult when we start thinking about what is beyond our control, for example, we think about whether later we will fit into our new job, whether the people we will meet will do good to us, whether we are able to do it according to the specified time target and there are many more questions that make us feel scared. Again, let’s come to terms with uncertainty, adapt and keep growing.

Adapting is a process of self-adjustment, which is where we must put ourselves as learners, if something goes wrong, we will improve and continue to develop ourselves. Of course, with this, we will find the best way to respond to anything that is beyond our control. Indeed, the process of self-adjustment is different for each person, but sooner or later we adapt is not a benchmark that determines whether we succeed or not. Stay confident in ourselves and in the process we go through.

If we learn and take on a meaning in each new situation, our perspective will change which no longer sees uncertainty as a frightening thing, but makes it an adventure, which will make us more resilient.

The scariest thing is actually not when we fail, but when we never try. When we fail, we can rise to succeed, but if we never try, we never come to success.

Remember that God will never test us beyond the limits of our ability. Which is where with the amount of uncertainty we encounter, we will be able to get through it. Believing that in the end good things will soon come regardless of our fears.

No matter how small the opportunity we can see, but when it is accompanied by a sincere heart and earnest effort, it is not impossible for every human being. So, don’t think too quickly about what’s going to happen in the end but think about how we stay on our feet and keep going. Let’s come to terms with uncertainty, adapt and keep growing.

Be great in whichever path we stand on, even in the darkest places we will find bright spots when we dare to step up.

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