Some thoughts about learning

I like to check the reference or source. People write things after they understand.

Search and then Dive in

Google search is so powerful. I used to find things in the library. If I was fortunate enough, I would find a great book. I read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, a thin book when I was a child. Now I can search for everything as long as I use the right keyword.

How to know the right keyword? Just keep searching and dive in. How to generate “leads”? I didn’t know “leads” until I saw many articles use this keyword. How to optimize yield? I didn’t know “Yield Optimization”.

Yes, it takes time. But less time than I thought. Using the right keyword I can find more and better knowledge.

Find the root

I like to check the reference or source. People write things after they understand. I may have a different understanding or I can understand more completely when I see the source. Watching how people consume and transfer the knowledge, it’s magic.

People recommend better people. Following their recommendations is a great way to find the root.

Read 1st information and develop my own thoughts. I may not have many thoughts after reading, there is not much I can write down. It’s a feeling. Like a seed spreads in my mind. I still need to learn more to let it grow.

Yes, it takes time. But less time than I expect. Sometimes I read a lot to understand the same concept. If I can find the source, usually it helps to know better so I can read less.

Things link together

I call it “core”. It was so exciting when Teresa said she was inspired by Peak to invent her opportunity solution tree. The way people learn is the same.

Build things people want. Talk to the customers. YC Startup SchoolsvpgContinuous Discovery, and many product coaches talk about the same thing. And I see some people who never heard about the above concept but already applying it. 😲

I like the surprise to find different domains talking about the same “core”. It’s amazing.

Yes, it takes time. So much time so I can see the link. It’s so worthy. I feel like finding a treasure.

Not just read, write | Not just write, use it

This is why I write this article. It’s a reinforcement to me.

Yes, writing takes time. Using it takes more time. When I use it, I own the knowledge. It speeds up my next learning.

Here are great sources I use for products and data. Resource for Product Managers

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