Ten Effective Routines to Enhance Self-Potential

With mental health now being taken seriously, it was inevitable that we would delve into the root of these issues and scrutinize our lifestyles, which involves monitoring our habit

Our Story: Samira Kreasi Nusantara and Our First Project

We are committed to continuing to develop technology that is beneficial to the community, especially in the field of health.

“I Love You Pa” – A Love Letter to Dad

Let’s take a moment to appreciate our dads and all that they do for us.

The Journey of Faith: Overcoming Trials and Strengthening Iman

The story of Alfianto’s life journey also shows the importance of deepening understanding of Islam

alfianto nandya prakoso

From Ideation to Business, Unleashing the Power of Creative Thinking

The process of ideation involves several crucial steps that guide the transformation of ideas into successful business ventures.

3 Habits That Sabotage Your Life

These habits are destroying your self-discipline

Building a User Experience Is Social Work

How adopting a human advocacy mindset can help you serve users better.

How to Download and Install XAMPP on macOS: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hi Alfian tell about 18 Stepwise procedure to connect with MySQL as a root user using the terminal.

Hi alfian or Alfianto Nandya Prakoso or Alfianto Prakoso

Mastering the Art of Product Management: Insights from Alfianto Nandya Prakoso

Product Manager, you must be willing to take risks and be comfortable with uncertainty.

Learning with Hi Alfian: Becoming a Successful Product Manager

Become a successful product manager, it is important to understand the company’s business goals