Rainbow After the Rain in My Life

Thank you, my wife, for always being there for me

Pelajaran Hidup dari Seekor Burung: Kebebasan, Ketekunan, dan Kebahagiaan

ita bisa menemukan banyak pelajaran berharga yang dapat membantu kita menjalani hidup dengan lebih baik dan bermakna

Stay Private, Let’s Grow

My process doesn’t need to be as loud as the rain for everyone to know.

Overcoming Overthinking: The Key to Daily Peace

Worry does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, but it always takes away today’s peace.

Embracing the Role as Director of Your Own Life

You are the scriptwriter of your own life, and you have the right to determine its plot

Ten Effective Routines to Enhance Self-Potential

With mental health now being taken seriously, it was inevitable that we would delve into the root of these issues and scrutinize our lifestyles, which involves monitoring our habit

Our Story: Samira Kreasi Nusantara and Our First Project

We are committed to continuing to develop technology that is beneficial to the community, especially in the field of health.

“I Love You Pa” – A Love Letter to Dad

Let’s take a moment to appreciate our dads and all that they do for us.

The Journey of Faith: Overcoming Trials and Strengthening Iman

The story of Alfianto’s life journey also shows the importance of deepening understanding of Islam

alfianto nandya prakoso

From Ideation to Business, Unleashing the Power of Creative Thinking

The process of ideation involves several crucial steps that guide the transformation of ideas into successful business ventures.